Sunday, February 28, 2010


The orders of the day for the police are to maintain peace and order, prevent and control crimes, ensure public safety and conduct activities involving the community. The standard police to population ratio is 1:1000. This means that for every policeman, he should serve and protect one thousand people in his area of responsibility. Previously, the total strength of Naujan Police Station is 27. Today, it numbers to 34 after the additional reassignment of one lady officer and six non commissioned officers. Thanks to the effort of our good Municipal Mayor ROMAR G MARCOS and our higher headquarters for supporting us regarding this matter. Nonetheless, for the 105,000 population of Naujan, we still need more policemen to reciprocate the police to population ratio standard.

For the Police to address criminality and bring government services to the people, we need to move and shoot ably. Last November 20, 2009 we conducted Marksmanship Test to determine the shooting capabilities of our personnel and the serviceability of our long and short firearms. Glad to say, that even with the limited ammunitions, at the end of the day, our policemen and policewomen can shoot their targets. Two of our police officers have also completed three days training from November 25-27, 2009 on Water Search and Rescue together with other personnel from the local government conducted by the Provincial Capitol and the Philippine Coast Guard, this aims to save lives and properties during times of calamity.

From October 22, 2009 to November 11, 2009, with the support of the local government, we were able to train six batches of Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams (BPATS) among 70 Barangays within this municipality. The trained Barangay Officials and Barangay Tanods will become the first responders in their own barangays if police action is needed. BPATS will be a great help to the police in maintaining peace and order and ensuring public safety in the community. Additionally, these officials were trained to become the eyes and ears of the police in addressing criminality.

Another milestone in the history of Naujan is the establishment of additional 3 Police Community Precincts located strategically at the Barangays of Sampaguita, Adrialuna, and Pinagsabangan. Again, our gratitude to the leadership of Mayor Marcos for his support to the police. Our higher headquarters also acclaimed the establishment of these PCP’s and pledges support, once those are operationalized. We can safely say that these precincts are strategically located because it guards the Naujan – Calapan and Naujan – Victoria boundaries.

With these, we would just like to appeal to the community to support your police in your own little ways so we can serve the country and our municipality hand in hand. Let us abide by the rules of law and contribute in the maintenance of peace and order. Let us start from among ourselves. (PCI CHRIS M ABECIA, Chief of Police PNP-Naujan)

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